Findlay International offers high quality comprehensive international moving services. We are an industry leader in providing worldwide door-to-door service of air, surface, and storage shipments without limitation to country or region.

As the global economy continues to expand, overseas markets are increasingly important to the growth and success of multinational corporations. When expanding operations to foreign locations, successfully relocating key executives and personnel is of paramount importance. By focusing on corporate relocations for more than 50-years, Findlay has developed the expertise necessary to consistently meet the high expectations of today’s corporate relocation professionals, relocating employees and their family’s.

Findlay’s client base consists of some of the world’s leading global corporations and financial services companies. Findlay is the company of choice for relocating the top management and leaders of these firms. Findlay’s entire organization is geared toward serving the culture and values of executives of global corporations.

Findlay manages each step of the international move process to ensure all relocations are handled in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Highly experienced and skilled relocation experts plan, track, and manage every aspect of the move. This attention to detail ensures a successful and cost-effective international relocation.

Key components to Findlay’s International Move Management program include:

  • Single Point of Contact
    Findlay’s Move Manager will coordinate and manage every aspect of the move process.
  • Communication
    Findlay’s Move Manager will provide counseling, needs assessment, and 24/7 accessibility.
  • RightMove
    Findlay’s quality assurance program is designed to ensure that each step of the move process is performed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. To learn more about the Right Move Program click here.
  • Comprehensive Transit and Storage Insurance
    Full replacement coverage and in house expedited claims settlement.
  • Findlay’s International Transferee Packet
    Each transferee receives a customized packet of information concerning their international relocation; including country information and detailed customs requirements.
  • Findlay Technology
    Findlay utilizes a full service database management application called RITA (Relocation Information Technology Application). Our system provides state-of-the-art door to door relocation management services, Web-based Shipment Tracking, and customized reporting.
  • Long-Term Storage Management
    Total coordination and centralized billing of permanent storage shipments on a global basis.

Findlay also offers a EXECUTIVE MOVE PROGRAM which includes:

  • Specially trained Executive Move Managers
  • Specially trained Executive Move Foremen

For more information regarding our Executive Move Program, click here