Your Employees' Dedicated Mover

Maximizing impact on your
employee relocation benefits and corporate moving programs

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Findlay partners directly with companies that have lump-sum benefits or managed employee moves.

Whether you use a Relocation Manage Company (RMC) or handle moves in-house, having a preferred moving company for your employees is smart.

Preferred Pricing

Partnering is not an added cost. In fact, the more your program or employees use a dedicated mover, the better pricing you receive. Even with lump sum, your employees will have better pricing options vs. reaching out to movers found on google

Guaranteed Deliver Dates

The moving industry is always in a pinch. Relocation Management Companies (RMCs) use contractors to fill capacity and movers deliver belongings weeks after an employee has moved. We own our supply chain and give your employees precise delivery dates. W

Keep Your Time

The one consistent thing about relocation programs is their tendency to drain your team's time. Managing a move requires a lot of prep and follow up. Employees will have a lot of questions that can be directed towards a dedicated moving team.

Prove Your Employee Investment

Tons of movers exist and choosing between them requires a lot of quote review, in-home visits, and, frankly, grunt work for your employees. Selecting preferred movers is an easy, smart way for your team improve the employee experience.


Mloving is tough! Having a single moving account team to manage questions, billing, and mishaps is a huge stress relief for your employees. Not to mention an admin task off your team's plate.

Employee Risk

The industry is in a crunch and to save margins, movers are cutting labor costs. This has led to undesirable interactions and handling of valuables. A trusted partner, with salaried workers, gets to know your culture and policy and can provide counsel for employees day 1.

Findlay Partners Directly With Companies That Have Lump-Sum Benefits or Managed Employee Moves to Be Right Move Management program

Professional Point of Contact

Findlay’s Move Manager will coordinate and manage every aspect of the move process.


Findlay’s Move Manager will provide counseling, needs assessment, and 24/7 accessibility.

RightMove QA

Findlay’s quality assurance program is designed to ensure that each step of the move process is performed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Comprehensive Transit and Storage Insurance

Full replacement coverage and in house expedited claims settlement.

Findlay Technology

Findlay utilizes a full service database management application called RITA (Relocation Information Technology Application). Our system provides state-of-the-art door to door relocation management services, Web-based Shipment Tracking, and customized reporting.

Long-Term Storage Management

Total coordination and centralized billing of permanent storage shipments on a global basis.

Employee and Company Moving Services

We are an industry leader in providing worldwide door-to-door service of air, surface, and storage shipments without limitation to country or region.


Findlay manages each step of the international move process to ensure all relocations are handled in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Highly experienced and skilled relocation experts plan, track, and manage every aspect of the move. This attention to detail ensures a successful and cost-effective international relocation.

As the global economy continues to expand, overseas markets are increasingly important to the growth and success of multinational corporations. When expanding operations to foreign locations, successfully relocating key executives and personnel is of paramount importance.


Findlay offers domestic relocation services with one of the most sophisticated transportation models in the industry. Our high tech, high touch strategy provides online shipment tracking and clear communication channels for move management.

Findlay manages the entire door to door domestic move process in-house, ensuring that each step is completed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Our highly experienced relocation specialists plan, track and manage every aspect of the move. Our streamlined moving process ensures a stress-free and cost-effective relocation.

Findlay administers the entire door to door domestic move process in-house, ensuring that each step is completed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. Highly experienced and skilled relocation experts plan, track and manage every aspect of the move. This attention to detail ensures a successful and cost-effective relocation.

Whether you are moving across town or around the world, Findlay can accommodate all your storage needs, either in our own facilities or with one of our accredited agents around the world.

Every Findlay warehouse unit is US Government/US Military approved and C-TPAT certified. Findlay warehouse facilities exceed such compliance in every respect. All Findlay warehouses have been constructed to conform to all local and national fire codes.

All Findlay warehouse facilities include the following protective systems:

  • 24/7 Security System with Interior / exterior motion surveillance
  • Main Control Panel/Communicator AC/DC, U/L Listed, Multi-Zones capability with Rechargeable Power Supply
  • Construction in accordance with all local and national fire codes and industrial sprinkler systems throughout
  • Climate controlled with specified areas for air-conditioned storage

Sometimes a move will require specialized care because of an item’s value, size, or sensitive materials. Findlay offers specialized transportation and advanced logistics for these high value products.

Figuring out the logistics of moving high-value equipment is no easy feat, but Findlay has decades of experience with moves requiring specialized services. We have the exclusive equipment, technology, and trained professionals to make the difficult seem routine.

The effectiveness of Findlay’s specialized transportation program is evidenced by our performance results which average 99% for on-time Service, damage-free, and customer expectations.

Specialized equipment services include:

  • Medical and lab equipment
  • Vehicle Transportation
  • Advanced technology: IT and networking equipment
  • Fine arts and museum exhibits
  • Tradeshows and displays
  • Office equipment (see Office Relocation Service section)
  • Large collectibles
  • Fitness equipment
  • Shipments requiring customized transportation solutions

Moving irreplaceable objects requires exceptional skills and experience. Findlay moves, stores and protects precious artifacts including paintings, drawings, sculptures, antiques, musical instruments, historic documents, and vintage collectables for clients all over the world.

The fragility of art has never been a secret, but Findlay manages risks and mitigates any hazards. As an art handler, Findlay reviews and studies the available information about any specific piece of art we are going to handle beforehand; and then takes the necessary precautions and preparations accordingly.

Domestic and international fine arts shipping services include:

  • Museum quality crating and fine art object preparatory service
  • Climate controlled and dedicated truck and shuttle route transportation
  • Museum quality crating and fine art object preparatory services
  • Installation, de-installation & art handling services
  • Modern temperature-controlled storage facilities

Whether it’s a one-man office or a large-scale corporate relocation, Findlay has the manpower, equipment, and expertise to plan and manage office relocations and consolidations. We know that your workspace and its equipment are the infrastructure that allow for employee productivity. We develop a relocation plan that will quickly return your workspace to operational form and will protect your company’s most valuable physical assets.

Office and industrial services include:

  • Expert Project consultation and management
  • Facilities Management
  • Systems furniture/computer network disassembly and assembly
  • Records/files relocation & inventory management (Bar Coding)
  • Storage & distribution services
  • Employee orientation
  • Specialized equipment
  • Furniture disposition & disposal

Right Move Program

Findlay’s “RightMove” quality assurance program is designed to objectively measure, track and report performance results for each employee relocation and corporate move. It also ensures that each step of the move process is performed in a timely and professional manner. Data from performance reports are used to evaluate Findlay and its service partners on an ongoing basis.

Findlay is accountable for the transportation services provided by its staff and select service partners. Therefore, it is imperative to have a system of performance measurement standards and tracking in place. Findlay’s database system, RITA, enhances the “RightMove” management program by objectively measuring, tracking and reporting performance results. Data from performance reports is used to evaluate Findlay’s staff and service partners on an ongoing basis.