Modern Employee Moving Strategies

What Makes Findlay's Employee RelocationService Different?

Each Lump-Sum Benefits or Managed Move Has Access to the Following

Professional Point of Contact

Findlay’s Move Manager will coordinate and manage every aspect of the move process.


Findlay’s Move Manager will provide counseling, needs assessment, and 24/7 accessibility.

RightMove QA

Findlay’s quality assurance program is designed to ensure that each step of the move process is performed in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Comprehensive Transit and Storage Insurance

Full replacement coverage and in house expedited claims settlement.

Long-Term Storage Management

Total coordination and centralized billing of permanent storage shipments on a global basis.

Findlay Technology

Findlay utilizes a full service database management application called RITA (Relocation Information Technology Application). Our system provides state-of-the-art door to door relocation management services, Web-based Shipment Tracking, and customized reporting.

Innovating Processes and Developing Tech

We are a 64-yo startup, and our culture revolves around continuous learning and improvement. We have a read on the industry and if there is a solution that's outside of our proprietary system's (RITA) reach; we are quick to adopt it. For our clients, this means your workflow is streamlined and your employees have an elevated moving experience.

Investing in Our Workforce

We invest heavily in our employees and prioritize their well-being and ongoing training. From our Move Managers to Move Crew Members, each person is a full-time professional. Because we care for our employees, there is immediate trust in our employee interactions and handling of valuables.

End-to-End Costs

We believe in fair pricing and are challenging the opaque pricing schemes of the industry. We have implemented a metrics-driven system that monitors critical performance and supply chain factors to pinpoint cost improvements for our clients’ annual program.

What Employees Are Saying

"Very quick, friendly and knew how to handle not only packing up our apartment, but handle us as well. Thank you!"

"Great team. Friendly, smart. Best we’ve ever had!"

"I thought that the service was very efficient. The crew was very nice, helpful and understood our needs. It was also emotional and they understood it. We are moving after 10 years. Thanks! Great Planning!"

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We are committed to continuous process improvement and we build on policies and practices that facilitate speed and change. We are driven internally by performance metrics and adjust our client strategy from delivery feedback and surveys.

We also have a product team that observes the market landscape to ensure our program has considered and implemented the best tools, policies, and communication standards. Our team is never idle, and every day we challenge the team to make each move better than the last.

Moving involves a lot of human touch and the most successful companies are the ones that invest in qualified workers to make this high-touch service seamless and valued. Since our founding, we have prioritized having highly skilled workers across our organization. From packing and loading crews to our 24/7 Mover Managers, every team member is a professional at their position.

While our team maintains a focus on technology and process improvement, moving is human at its core and it’s the baseline for our entire approach. No matter the industry, client, or project, we have a practice of “remaining human” and it requires a dedicated, full-time team to consistently deliver on this principle.


The moving industry is a complicated network of service providers and affiliations. Invoices contain obscure line items that seem to be arbitrary. We recognize the frustration and distrust pricing causes in mobility programs, and we try to simplify the entire process. Findlay operates under cost-plus pricing that allows for fair pricing for the client and our company.

We are best positioned to provide cost savings because of our internal efficiencies resulting from our emphasis on continuous improvement. Since we manage complexity internally, we can pass savings from our streamlined operation to clients.

Lastly, to ensure each client has the best cost management, our work begins with a careful review of our clients’ mobility capabilities and current performance as well as their relocation objectives. Better understanding the program needs, we can then leverage our processes and extensive network to provide cost savings.