Our Core Values

We take a long-term strategy internally and with clients. These values give us a framework for leadership and daily decisions:

Exceptional People

We invest in a highly-skilled, diverse workforce that's committed to the to each relocating employee company. Findlay keeps full-time moving crew members and pays fair wages that ensure the well-being of our employees. Our investment in our people passes through to our clients as quality service and care.

Continuous Development

We are a 64-year-old startup driven by analytics and feedback. Findlay believes there are innovations that can improve the workflow, and therefore the experience, of an employee relocation. We focus on practical household goods moving solutions that make each relocation better than the last. Continuous improvement isn’t a commitment, it’s the reality of how we work.


We see a world where movers are more than transactional service providers. Movers can be socially and environmentally conscious and support the communities in which they operate. Our independence and strong client portfolio allow us to learn and then execute impactful CSR programs.

Service Principles


We spend the resources to vet and train our team members so there are no relocation issues in the home or while items are in transit. Relocating is a sensitive time for employees which makes trust and touch core to a relocation partnership. Our full-time moving crews will know your program and culture thoroughly and there is usually a very short ramp up time for a trustful relationship


The moving industry is an opaque world to most, but we provide clarity in every touch point with clients. With transparency, openness, and modern organizational processes, we minimize operational risks and hold our team to a high level of integrity


We have an obligation to conduct business without endangering our move teams, client employees, or the environment. Remaining process orientated helps us mitigate safety risks inherently involved with relocating employees


While other corporate movers focus on profit, we focus on raising the well-being of our communities through our daily move operations. We are also committed to going beyond our environmental responsibilities and push our the relocation industry for cleaner practices.


We have made a company-wide commitment to quality by investing significantly in ongoing staff training and development. Our uncommon approach to "upskill" our employees means we position them for modern moving and relocation challenges.


It seems like our data exists freely in today's digital world. But at Findlay, we use a best-of-breed security tool when handling our customers’ sensitive and confidential information. All of our employees must undergo specialized training to learn the proper way to handle sensitive customer data

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To someone on the outside, mobility may seem a transactional industry, but to the HR, People, Mobility and Sourcing teams we know the complexity and opaque nature of employee moving. 

Our team is highly experienced, but we aren’t all movers by trade. Coming from consulting, finance, supply chain, and tech startups, we fill the floor with a diverse workforce that brings unique moving strategies to each relocation program. 

Aside from professional diversity, we are firm believers in an inclusive work environment that:

  1. Creates a deep sense of belonging where you can share ideas
  2. Pays fair wages and supports a productive life
  3. Trains our people to be well positioned for the future
  4. Allows for complete ownership within one’s role

Not seen by the outside world are the many moving pieces of the mobility industry. The many layers add complexity that many corporate teams don’t have the capacity or patience to sift through. At Findlay, we understand the value of simplicity for employee moving services, and we try to implement each at every point during a relocation. Whether it’s pricing, communication, or resource usage, we will provide logic for each.

Openness towards clients flows from our culture. Our team has full ownership of their positions but keeps open communication to ensure we are developing our clients’ programs together.

It is an important duty of Findlay, in the conduct of its business operations, to ensure a safe working environment for all its employees and clients. We understand this implies a duty of ensuring that necessary moving equipment and relocation training are in place.  

We embed community responsibility in our business model. While other movers prioritize profit, we have broader business objectives that benefit our local communities. Whether it’s hosting charity events, taking part in local initiatives, or supporting causes with our own resources, Findlay is impacting its community.


It’s true. The earth is, unfortunately, warming up and being beset by unnecessary trash. We have taken a commitment to limit our own footprint, hoping it will inspire partners in the moving industry.

We have established a sustainability policy throughout all business units. As part of Findlay’s continuous process improvement, assigned personnel consistently research and implement processes and procedures that are more sustainable.

We have a measure in place that aims to reduce the environmental impact of our equipment used during normal daily operations. Findlay proactively researches and implements new procedures for reducing gas emissions, conserving energy, and recycling material used in operations. We understand we are in a material-dependent industry and therefore we run on the guidelines:

  • Purchase and use only materials easy to recycle
  • Adopt structures that facilitate recycling
  • Prioritize the use of recycled materials
  • Reduce use of substances that affect the environment

Being able to deliver and execute the strategies we design with clients requires continual onsite training and development. Corporate moving and relocation program management need technical skills that can’t be learned instinctively and we have an environment that invests in our team for growth in these skill sets.

Findlay’s production staff is full-time, dedicated moving professionals. Regardless of their experience prior to joining Findlay, they undergo our 80-hour in-house relocation training program before being certified as Findlay moving crew members. All production staff subsequently attends a two-day refresher seminar bi-annual.

Preparing household goods and specialized equipment for transport requires skill, special materials, and extra care and attention. All production staff have extensive training and a great deal of experience in specialized handling, packing, and crating techniques and materials to ensure that everything arrives at the destination in the exact condition as at the origin

Digital transformation has greatly improved the way in which the moving industry operates and interacts with its clients. However, some changes have been too rapid for security infrastructure to keep up and, like all industry, there are concerns around personal data. Findlay understands the sensitivity of the data we process and maintain. We have the highest security when it comes to data management and are always reviewing our infrastructure to ensure top-level privacy.

*Protecting data integrity and security is a major part of the C-TPAT program.  Findlay has met all of the Department of Homeland Security’s criteria for protecting and maintaining data security and integrity

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