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COVID-19 and Household Moving

COVID-19 Update: As it Relates to Household Moving

As we monitor developments of COVID-19 and its effect on global mobility, our leadership team wanted to publish our response plan for our accounts’ reference and as a guide for companies with urgent relocation needs. We are continuing to perform moves and see customers and provide in-home estimates. We are monitoring & assessing the situation with our management team daily and will update you if anything changes.

24/7 Communication lines (call, text, email, and WhatsApp – See information below) have been opened across our company. Findlay’s leadership will continue to act as the oversight committee and will address the situation and implement appropriate protocol as the situation progresses.

Please find our implemented safety protocols and directives below. These are the current best steps to ensure our team can quickly and safely relocate your employees:

  • The operations team has established a phone line and WhatsApp number dedicated to receiving COVID‐19 specific communications. We will publish updates to stakeholders periodically as new policies or practices warrant
  • Leadership is monitoring government and industry updates, including disease progression, country and WHO responses, supplier and supply chain risks, and prevention and containment measures
  • We will continue to communicate (to employees and accounts) health expert recommended best practice personal hygiene and health practices
  • Virtual Support: For customers who need an estimate for a relocation, we are offering the option of a virtual survey/estimate. Where appropriate, we will increase utilization of virtual surveys to minimize on-the-ground exposure
  • We already have in place systems for remote video meetings and will require their use for ongoing interactions between our offices, and for most customer and business partner meetings unless personal interaction is business essential
  • Leadership is extending our working partnerships with other relocation providers to ensure essential services are managed during the pandemic
  • Our operation leaders are in daily contact with network providers/vendors to fully understand COVID-19’s impact on their operation and how we can support the supply chain

In-person Service Delivery Protocols

Our employees and partner suppliers that interact directly with client personnel such as in their homes or vehicles have received the following guidance regarding safety measures, beyond the CDC prevention and treatment guidance above:

  • Avoid physical contact and this expectation is communicated in advance of meeting assignees as we are “Trying to keep everyone safe from the Coronavirus”
  • Supply crews with gloves and masks, as recommended by experts
  • We have and will continue to provide guidance to employees and partner suppliers and all supply chain service providers regarding direct interaction with customers
  • Respect the client’s decision if they deny entry to their home/premises or refuse to engage
  • Increase cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces (e.g. warehouses and trucks)

Additional Relocation Needs

COVID-19 may impact mobility timelines in impacted locations. It will be important to understand where delays could be encountered, how delays could impact deploying employees. Depending on the destination location, some moves will continue forward while others will be paused until further guidance is given by your organization. Employee preference to relocate during uncertainty may result in self-select delays and/or opportunity declines if personal health or other concerns are an issue. Organizations should consider contingency plans for increased decline rates specific to new authorization. Findlay has an extensive relocation supplier network and will connect your employees with any additional resources for no added costs.

  • Some delays may require additional support regarding temporary housing (in the home and/or host location, depending on the employee’s ability to access accommodation in the home and/or host location), immigration delays (limiting the ability for the employee and accompanying family to enter the new location), schooling options


Once the concern of COVID-19 eases for locations and organizations relax mobility restrictions, organizations will want to quickly mobilize parked employees and get back to business as usual with new moves. It will be key for accounts to communicate and strategize with Findlay on how to expedite this process. Together, we can set a process for authorizing a return and re-engagement of any suspended services: allowances, relocation services, etc.

At Findlay, we prioritize the safety of our team and to your employees. We are facing the effects of COVID-19 jointly and remain committed to open communication and quality of care duty for all stakeholders. Please do not hesitate to reach us for any urgent relocation needs. If we cannot provide the service for your mobile employee, we will find and connect you with the appropriate provider.

Be thoughtful and Stay Safe!
Findlay International’s Team


Dedicated Phone Line – 914-699-1100
WhatsApp Number – Findlay’s WhatsApp
Email –
Text Line – 914-255-5452


For further information please visit the following websites:
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
World Health Organization
The updated list of confirmed locations can be found at

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