Findlay’s client base consists of some of the worlds leading Financial Services Companies, Law Firms, and Fortune 500 Companies. Findlay’s entire organization is geared toward serving the culture and values of the top management and leaders of these firms. For a majority of Findlay’s Clients, Findlay is the client directed service provider for Managing Directors, Partners, and Senior Management.

Findlay has specially trained Executive Move Manages that primarily works with VIP transferees. Findlay offers an Executive Moving program that is tailored to meet the needs of a busy executive and his/her family.

When Findlay is assigned a VIP move, it is immediately assigned to an Executive Move Manager who is the single point of contact throughout the entire move process. The Executive Move Manager is accountable for complete customer satisfaction.

VIP transferees are generally money earners or senior management and their time is extremely valuable. The Executive Move Manager is also the individual who performs the pre-move survey at the residence. This face to face meeting enhances the relationship between the Move Manager and the relocating employee and/or significant other. This is critical in establishing confidence, trust, and accountability which enables the VIP transferee to remain effective in their job.

Findlay has specially trained Executive Move Foremen that primarily work with VIP transferees. Following the survey, based on the specific needs and requirements, the Executive Move Foreman is assigned to perform the applicable services. The Executive Move Managers and Foremen work closely together to ensure all needs, items of concern, and expectations are met. During the move process it is mandatory that Move Managers conduct a Quality Control Visit each day of service. It is mandatory that they are on-site for a minimum of 2 hours each day.

Because of Findlay’s elite client base, Findlay has strategic relationships with removal companies particularly in the U.S., London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, BRIC, and other emerging markets. These relationships facilitate proactive communication and ensure Findlay’s ability to better service VIP moves with the highest level of quality service.