As the economic landscape continues to change, we are facing new challenges and new opportunities. During these demanding times, Findlay is committed to optimizing value for its clients. Communication with clients is critical to the success of the relationship – it is important to know your objectives so that Findlay can be sure all efforts are aligned to help you achieve those objectives.

The central theme of Findlay’s management program is to select specific activities and assign specific accountabilities for each manager in the company…management by objective.  To insure we execute…all management incentive programs focus on quality and cost reduction. We have also refined our continuous improvement program…focused on delivering the efficiencies so we can continue to offer our clients the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Findlay has flourished for more than 50 years, and has experienced the full spectrum of economic cycles and survived previous recessions by seizing opportunities and preparing to thrive during recoveries. Findlay operates debt free and has adequate capital to invest in areas that will support client needs. Findlay has differentiating strengths; its financial stability and its ability to adapt to changing market trends in order to meet the needs of its clients.

Findlay is proficient in measuring results and accomplishing objectives. Findlay is an extremely efficient organization with a companywide commitment to zero-defect service in every aspect of its business – that includes extensive dashboard measurements to ensure efficiency, protocol compliance, and complete customer satisfaction. The quantifiable advantages Findlay has over its competitors are as follows:

  • Findlay offers more competitive pricing as a result of internal efficiencies
  • Findlay has superior quality evaluation scores
  • As a result of the superior scores, with most clients, Findlay receives a higher volume distribution and is the preferred service provider

The non quantifiable advantages Findlay has over its competitors is supported by the longevity of the partnerships Findlay has with its elite clientele. Some of those advantages include:

  • Client relationship building to enhance overall service delivery
  • Customized service programs and SLA’S (Service Level Agreements)
  • Cost saving initiatives
  • Utilization of the most sophisticated transportation technology in the industry
  • Global relationships and independent agent network
  • A management team that stresses creativity while focusing on the fundamental services which highlights:
  • “Hands-on” involvement and accountability for the ultimate satisfaction of every transferee and client
  • Problem Resolution and Corrective Action