In 1957, Robert Findlay and John Mouracade founded Findlay Moving & Storage Inc. Both Findlay and Mouracade were former leaders at Neptune Worldwide Moving, which at the time was the world’s largest independent moving company.  Both men saw the opportunity to build their own moving company that would distinguish itself by providing global corporations with unsurpassed personalized service.  Attention to detail and customer satisfaction is what Findlay was built upon and remains the company’s guiding force today.

Upon Robert Findlay’s retirement, John Mouracade took total control of their dream. John Mouracade’s vision of the global economy, extraordinary work ethic, and dedication to personalized service has positioned Findlay as a leader in today’s marketplace.

Greg Mouracade is the second generation of ownership at Findlay. Before graduating from college in 1993, Greg worked in the family business from the age of 14, initially as part of the warehousing team, then as a member of an international packing crew, and lastly as a foreman of an international crew.

In 1993, Greg joined the executive team at Findlay. His career began in operations, with a high concentration on monitoring quality controls. In 1996, Greg worked directly for his father and gained the hands on experience of running a successful business. At this time, Greg also established himself as a successful sales person. In 1999 he was promoted to President of Findlay International.

Since then, Greg has lead the business to become one of the premier Household Goods, Freight Forwarding companies in the world.