Findlay’s uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything it undertakes is highlighted in its Business Principles:

  • Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients. More than 50 years of experience has shown that if we do this consistently our success will follow.
  • Our commitment to excellence and the dedication of our workforce is important to our success. The work environment is one where teamwork is of the utmost importance. Compensation is directly proportional to customer satisfaction ratings. This allows for a positive atmosphere where employees constantly motivate and help each other to achieve our common goals.
  • We believe that honesty and integrity build a strong foundation for a business. As we adhere to these principles as a company, we expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do.
  • Communication with our clientele is key to our success. In order to provide our clients with the best service, we must identify their ongoing needs and requirements.
  • We understand that in the fast paced world of big business, the needs of our clients are constantly changing. We are equipped with the technology and experience to anticipate change and develop services to meet these needs. It is important to us that we are prepared for the future. We take great pride in having the resources to continue to stay ahead of the curve and lead the field in our industry.
  • One of our greatest strengths is the depth of our personnel. We have always invested significantly in our people. Hiring practices are predicated upon recruiting and retaining the best people. We realize that in a service business, without the best people, we cannot be the best company.
  • The dedication of our people and the intense effort they give to their jobs are extraordinary. This contributes greatly to our success.
  • We believe that our strong commitment to building partnerships with our clients is a key factor to our success. Our long-standing relationships with our clients are based on mutual trust, accountability, and exceptional service delivery.