Findlay utilizes a database system called RITA (Relocation Information Technology Application). RITA is one of the most powerful and comprehensive systems in the industry.  RITA is a custom designed state-of-the-art operating system specific to logistics and household goods move management which allows Findlay to offer increased service and communication to its clients, transferees, and service partners.

The foundation is the database system, which tracks the details of various elements of relocations, including but not limited to:

  • Air shipments
  • Surface shipments
  • Storage
  • Insurance
  • Claims
  • Quality assurance data
  • Post move survey data

Findlay can provide clients standard and ad hoc reports in either print or file format or web based. Findlay has particularly strong capabilities in the area of specialized reporting. Clients occasionally need reports that use very specific parameters, and Findlay has the in-house expertise and experience to design and manage these types of reports.

All information technology requirements for the business are managed via a virtual hosting provider. The business uses the internet almost exclusively in three primary services and applications areas:

  1. Communications – hosted and routed through Microsoft Applications, including email, calendaring, document sharing;
  2. Relocation Operations Management – The Relocation Information Technology Application (RITA) system and its data resides in a custom application developed on the platform, using software-as-a-service (SAAS) provider’s (NYSE:CRM) multitenant architecture.  RITA is accessed via the internet in a “cloud computing” model.  The provider is ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II and SysTrust audit certified.
  3. Website: The business website is accessed via the internet and is used to push and pull data for customers, vendors, employers and transferees via application program interface (API) calls and embedded APEX code that facilitates information flow between the site and RITA.

One of the most useful tools on Findlay’s website is its Shipment Tracking feature. This is a password-protected module where transferees can access detailed shipment tracking information. There is also an area for clients to access pertinent shipment data. Clients can access an alphabetical list of all their current shipments and access any shipment to see the detailed tracking screen. The list can also be sorted to meet client specific needs.

Previously, clients’ requiring data would request information via email, phone, etc. while transferees manually completed and transmitted an abundance of shipping related paperwork. Through the continuous development of Findlay’s in-house application (RITA) and the integration of accessible online data Findlay’s clients greatly benefit; some benefits include:

  • Reducing email exchange
  • Paperless data / forms
  • Efficiency
  • Real Time Data 24/7
  • Data & Information Security

Findlay has the intellectual capital, technology and creative talent to write, develop, program, and manage a customized system that greatly benefits our valued clients.