The Findlay team understands and appreciates our clients’ commitment to cost containment, operational excellence and leading-edge innovation. These same principles lie at the very foundation of Findlay’s business philosophy; and it is within the framework of these shared goals that Findlay brings true value and competitive advantage to our clients.


Like our valued clients, our reputation and success has been built on providing high-quality products and services at competitive prices. In today’s highly-contested global market, companies must partner with suppliers that are willing to help manage and contain end-to-end costs.

Findlay operates from a Total Cost of ownership perspective. Using a metrics-driven approach, we apply systematic control over critical performance factors such as response times, service level compliance, transit times, damage prevention, and end-user satisfaction. We combine this with continuous process improvements including, administrative simplification, communication efficiency and technology enhancements to produce a more leveraged impact on our clients’ annual program costs, than if we were to simply influence purchased transportation rates alone.  When viewed from a Total Cost or ownership perspective, the Findlay offering provides significant overall savings compared to other options.


Zero defect service is our top priority. Our integrated service delivery approach and Six Sigma quality management program help ensure consistently high levels of client and end-user satisfaction.  We believe that the best way to deliver outstanding service is to provide an environment, including tools and processes, where our employees can make a meaningful difference. This is why the Findlay team consistently earns the highest marks with its clients.

Findlay is confident in our ability to achieve and exceed our clients’ expectations for service quality and will be backed by financial guarantees written into a mutually-defined Service Level Agreement.


Findlay brings value to its clients by working openly and honestly with them to ensure mutual growth and success. We believe growth and success come through innovation, from embracing new possibilities, and creatively developing customized solutions for our clients. We function as service channel experts and best practices consultants in developing innovative programs and customized solutions that help clients achieve their evolving objectives. In the case of existing clients, this approach has helped produce significant cost savings. Our commitment is to help define new opportunities for cost savings and process improvement and align our resources in the manner that best serves our clients continued drive for market leadership.

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